• Aryan Venkat

    Aryan Venkat

    Full Stack Developer | Maker | Becoming a Software Craftsman!

  • Y/T Vulgar

    Y/T Vulgar

    Gregory Stratton (aka Yours/Truly @WhiteyVulgar) The founder, creative director and CEO of Osculant Power Project. Currently a prisoner of the War On Some Drugs

  • Deladem Kumordzie

    Deladem Kumordzie

    Unlearning & relearning⚡️ Business and Tech. Business Planning || Branding || Front End developer || Creative || Entrepreneur || Interested in Venture Studios

  • Andrew Savala

    Andrew Savala

    COO at Bixly.com with a background in self-service payment kiosks and project management. Connect on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/redswimmer

  • Marian Čaikovski

    Marian Čaikovski

    Java, JavaScript and SQL developer. PhD in Biology. Concerned about coronavirus and climate change.

  • Paul Gureghian

    Paul Gureghian

  • Tony Tin Nguyen

    Tony Tin Nguyen

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