Get to know Aaron, who started in markup and design, and who has added to his skills as a frontend developer. He’s also a new dad, an artist, a reader, and a dnd player!

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I’ve always been straddling the tech and design worlds painting and…

Whether it’s considering users who may be differently abled or even the user’s unique experience with the app, such as wearing gloves or goggles or even their location and connectivity, accessibility is something to start planning for from day one in your project.

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Understanding how…

Getting the balance right on being prepared to scale your project but not being overly prepared (i.e. wasting money on excessive hosting) can be tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

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Your system is to automatically scale.


How do you prepare…

Algorithms are simply statements of logic chained together, but where they get really powerful is when machine learning is implemented in them as well. These are the types of algorithms we mean when we discuss how social media platforms can attempt to influence our engagement.

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The best programming languages for web are the ones we see having staying power. They are flexible, fast, and well supported. Here we talk about our recommendations for web, what we specialize in, and languages that would be great options for your next project!

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Alexandra joined Bixly after working with Bixly on a website that allowed teachers to use interactive curricula online in the classroom. She also enjoys literature and oil painting in her free time.

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I ended up falling in love with the tech industry and what it…

There’s a significant difference between “code that works” and “high quality code”. It really comes down to how you want to spend your time (and money). You can rapidly write code at the beginning, but changes and bugs are harder to fix down the line. …

Get to know Sone, who transferred from hardware and IT, to programming and web development. Sone also enjoys gaming and disc golf!


What is your background in tech? How did you find tech? How did you get into it?


I’ve always been on the hardware side, hardly…

We’ve talked about a few of the tech roles in the past, like project managers or product owners, but today we take a look at the team overall. What can you expect from your team? What can you expect from a freelancer versus a development firm like Bixly?


Jake always had a passion for tech, whether that be playing video games or building computers, but started out his career as a therapist, then a visual and video production engineer for live music, touring with bands, before he transitioned to programming and finding his place here at Bixly.

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