3 Digital Trends for 2023

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2 min readJan 24, 2023

These are the top three trends that we think will be key in 2023. To be fair, they are not new in 2023 but rather continuations of trends that we think will become even more important than in previous years. Let’s dive in!

1. Total Experiences

With the rise of the metaverse, VR, and AR, companies will reframe customer experiences as total experiences. In the past few years, VR and AR technology has moved from a novelty to firmly settled in gaming. This year it will become fully lodged in the broader entertainment industry and will grow into retail, health care, education, and beyond. As more brands, celebrities, and influencers adopt the technology, each industry will be adapting to a broader total experience that starts when the customer first enters their digital landscape.

2. AI and Machine Learning

Even though AI and machine learning have been around for a long time, new AIs introduced to art, music, and more have made AI commonplace in our everyday experiences. Uppermost in our priority is ethical AI, for which you should check out our development partners, Bright Apps. As with AR and VR, we expect AI to be increasingly leveraged to provide personalized experiences for customers and improve customer experience.

3. Security

The more integrated technology becomes with our lives (the metaverse) and the more intelligent it becomes (AI), the more customers will also be interested in privacy and security. Security is always going through an upgrading process, both as a result of technology being integrated into all areas of our lives and also due to the constant pressure of cyber attacks. Preserving and guaranteeing customer privacy will be key to building brand trust.

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